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Counseling and Psychological Services for Adults and Young People

Marilyn J Terrill PhD

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    Change can be difficult. I strive to help clients discover and develop their own personal resources to reach the goals we set together. I am an active psychotherapist and seek a collaborative relationship within which both client(s) and therapist are committed, open, and involved. Through counseling or psychotherapy individuals can generate here-and-now coping strategies and resolve past wounds. My approach may be considered eclectic or integrative because I employ a variety of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral methods, to help clients eliminate emotional and behavioral barriers to the personal growth they desire.

Education & Background
I am a fully licensed psychologist in Michigan with over 30 years of clinical experience. I hold a doctorate from the University of Illinois (1978).  Prior to establishing my private practice in Kalamazoo in 1989, I provided psychological services in community and private practice settings in Illinois, Michigan, and Nebraska.  I also have directed child, adolescent, and family mental health programs.  I am a member of national and state psychological associations, as well as professional organizations for learning disabilities, ADHD, headache, and OCD.

Populations Served
Young Adults and College Students
Children, preschool through elementary school
Families and couples

Specialty Areas
Anxiety (social, test, general anxiety)
Mood disorder (managing mood changes and frustration)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
Learning Disorders
Grief and loss
Coping with medical conditions, including headache/Promoting Wellness
Adjusting to life changes and transitions
Sensitive temperaments
Relationship Concerns

Individual psychotherapy
Family and couples therapy
Child therapy
Play therapy
Educational consultation

Obtaining Records
Dr. Marilyn J. Terrill, Ph.D.
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